Hawaii Camping

Welcome to the camping page. We have locations on Oahu, Maui, and Hawai’i (Big Island) which will allow you to explore any part of Hawai’i you wish. Each island offers a unique camping experience from the older island of Oahu, with its lush green forests and great beaches, to the newest island of Hawai’i, with its lava flows and volcanoes. It’s hard to pick a favorite island as they all offer unique camping and outdoor experiences. Click on any of the islands below to see what camping awaits you!

Camping Tip #1

Tourism in Hawaii is booming so please be sure to book a campsite early. Free camping is frowned upon by the community so please be respectful and book a campsite.

Camping Tip #2

Booking campsites is like booking concert tickets. You need to find out the exact date and time that the camping sites go on sale and you will need to book within seconds of this time to book the best sites.

Camping Tip #3

Be sure to respect the island and its people. Be courteous to the local people and clean up your campsite better than you found it.