Frequently Asked Questions About Campervans & Hawai'i


  • Are you still renting your campervans during the COVID-19 pandemic?

    Yes, we are!  All travelers coming into Hawaii must be either have been fully vaccinated or have been tested for COVID-19 within 72 hours of arrival time and the results must be negative.  You can find out all up-to-date requirements at  Here you can find out about all of the information you will need to travel to Hawaii.  

    Although our business is all conducted outside where the spread of COVID-19 is least likely to happen, we are requiring our customers to wear a mask and practice safe distancing during the campervan checkout and checkin.  We can supply disposable gloves if desired.  All Campervan Hawaii staff will wear a mask and sanitize their hands when interacting with customers.

General FAQ

  • What are the fees?
    1.  Turnover Fee - $159 to $239 - This fee covers detailing the interior and exterior of the vehicle, laundering linens, washing dishes, sanitizing waste tanks (if applicable), and topped off propane and fresh water.  This fee is added automatically during checkout.
    2. Per Person Fee - $9per person per night - This covers vehicle wear and tear as well as outfitting the campervan with enough kitchenware, pillows, sheets, blankets, bath towels, beach towels, camping chairs, etc.  1 renter requires much less equipment and will have minimal wear and tear on the campervan compared to 4 renters so we charge by the person to make it fair for everyone.  This must be added by the renter during checkout on the Add-Ons page.  If the number of people is not selected, then Campervan Hawaii will add the fee to the reservation automatically.
    3. Taxes - 4.7% Hawaii General Excise Tax and 4.2% Hawaii Rental Vehicle Tax - This is the amount that we pay to the state in taxes on each rental.  This fee is added automatically during checkout.
    4. International Transaction Fee - 3% We use Outdoorsy/Wheelbase for our booking software as well as credit card processing.  They charge a 3% fee on all transactions outside of the US.  This fee is added automatically during checkout.

Before Your Trip

  • What supplies come with the campervan?

    The listed nightly price is for the campervan rental and does not include bedding, towels, kitchen or camp supplies. There is an additional supply rental fee of $8/person/night which covers the supply rental. For a full list of supplies and equipment please visit the Van's Page of our website.

During Your Trip

  • What if we have a question while out on the road?

    First look up if there is a solution or how-to in the Renter’s Guidebook provided in each campervan. If you have internet refer back to our instructional videos here on the website or our Help Articles in our Blog & Info section of the website. If you cannot find your answer and still need some help, follow the troubleshooting contact guide given to you at departure. The troubleshooting guide will outline calling/texting procedures so we can be efficient and get your question answered as quickly as possible. Be sure to call or text the number given to you for faster service. If your are trying to resolve an issue or get a questioned answered and it is after hours and your purchased 24/7 Roadside Assistance Plan, please call the Coach-Net Roadside Assistance number given to you at departure as well as emailed.

After Your Trip

  • Do we have to clean the campervan upon return?

    Yes. We ask that you clean the campervan in the same visual condition in which you received it on the inside. Our simple rule is if you brought any dirt into the campervan, remove it. If you spilled anything, pick it up. You must remove all trash, food, ice and personal belongs. Please use the supplied broom and cleaners to broom sweep all excess dirt and wipe down all sinks, counters and the refrigerator. Excess dust and dirt will require additional cleaning and extra cleaning fees may apply. Cleaning fees start at one hour rate of $95.