Frequently Asked Questions About Campervans & Hawaii

General FAQ

  • This is our first time renting, will someone show us how to use and drive the campervan?

    Yes. We love first time renters and we are excited to help! On your departure day you will get a hands on demonstration of everything your campervan has to offer as well as operational and driving tips.  Each campervan will also have a Renters Guidebook documenting the walk through and step-by-step instructions to help operate the campervan’s systems. 7 days prior to your departure you will also be emailed a copy of the Renters Guidebook. Please look over and familiarize yourself with the operation of the campervan. No need to print out as each campervan will have a copy of the book.

  • How does insurance work and do you provide Insurance for the campervan?

    Yes we can provide insurance for every RV rental.  By default we will automatically add the cost of insurance to your quote.  You can decline and opt-out of this insurance during the reservation check out.  By declining insurance you must provide your own insurance by an acceptable Insurance Binder from your personal auto insurer and present this binder to us at least 7 days in advance for verification.  If you decline the default insurance, we will send you complete instructions for obtaining a binder from your insurance. Currently we know of the following 6 companies, which will provide an acceptable Binder at very little or no cost to you:  21st Century, AAA, Allstate, Farmers, State Farm or USAA.  If you are with one of these 6 companies then you can safely decline the default insurance.  The following companies cannot provide an acceptable binder and therefore you will need to accept the default insurance cost (Ameriprise, Amica, Fred Loya, Freeway, Hartford, Geico, GMAC, Liberty Mutual, Mercury, Nationwide, Progressive, Traveler or Wawanesa). We are here to help so any questions, just give a call, email or chat feature here on this website.

  • What are the seatbelt and infant/child carseat Requirements?

    You must have one seatbelt for every passenger (adult, child or infant) in the campervan. The same seatbelt requirements of a passenger car apply to the campervan. You can find the number of seatbelts of each campervan in the Vehicle Description section of each individual campervan page. In most cases the campervan floorplan image will also show seatbelt placement in the campervan. All infants and children must be appropriately placed in a carseat or booster restraint system. If you will be traveling with a carseat passenger we do recommend only renting a campervan with forward facing seatbelts in the rear. 

  • Can you deliver and pick up the campervan to/from the airport?

    Yes we can. We will deliver the campervan to you at the airport free of charge.  We can deliver and pick up the campervan to any spot on the island you wish.   Delivery and pick up prices vary by location and mileage from the airport and prices can be found during the check out process. See Pick up and return time questions below for more details.

  • Am I renting by the day or by the night?

    Campervan renting is by the night just like your campground or when you book a hotel room. We do offer early pick up and late return time for an extra fee if available. We cannot offer an early pick up if your campervan is out on rent the night before your pick-up as it would take us 2-3hrs to prep, sanitize and inspect for your departure. You will find us very flexible on times as long as it doesn’t interfere with another customer’s vacation.  If you feel you will need the extra time to drive or pack/unpack, it is best to book the appropriate number of nights you will need. 

  • What time can we pick up the campervan?

    You can pick up the campervan any time between 8am and 5pm, 7 days a week.  Plan for 60 minutes for your departure walk through at your pick up /delivery time.  If you require an earlier (6am to 8am) or later (5pm to 11pm) time, it maybe available, but not guaranteed as your campervan maybe out on rent the night before your departure day.  There is no pick-up between the hours of 11pm and 5am.  Fee for early or late departure (guaranteed one week out) is $50. We will confirm all departure appointments 1 week prior to your departure date and add the $50 fee to your reservation if applicable.

  • What time do I need to return the campervan?

    You can return the campervan any time between 8am and 5pm, 7 days a week.  Plan for 15 minutes for your return walk through at your pick up /delivery time.  If you require an earlier (6am to 8am) or later (5pm to 11pm) time, it maybe available, but not guaranteed as your campervan maybe out on rent the night before your departure day.  There is no pick-up between the hours of 11pm and 5am.  Fee for early or late departure (guaranteed one week out) is $50. We will confirm all departure appointments 1 week prior to your departure date and add the $50 fee to your reservation if applicable. 

  • When do I need to pay for the reservation and is there a damage deposit?

    phone or view availability online to see if a particular unit is available for your dates but to fully reserve, block out and confirm the RV for your trip we do require the down payment amount. We can put a hold on an RV for your trip for up to 48 hours without payment – please call or email for this option, as this cannot be done online. The balance due on your reservation is charged out 14 days prior to your trip. Any additional last minute incidentals or rentals add-on requests will be charged at the time of request if within 14 days of your departure. Your Refundable Security Damage Deposit will be charged 2 days prior to departure and held on your behalf by the card processor. The refundable security damage deposit is up to $1500 for the campervan but no less than your insurance damage deductible.

  • What is the cancellation policy?

    Our policy is: From the date of reservation and up to 30 days before departure, Campervan Hawaii will refund the down payment amount less a $95 processing fee. If cancelled within 30 days of departure and more than 14 days from departure, 50% of down payment amounts will be refunded. If cancelled within 14 days of departure no refunds will be given, as the reservation will now be paid in full. Please allow up to 7 days to process any refund. Our modest cancellation policy keeps RVs from being blocked out just in case someone needs them and then cancels if they don’t.  This keeps the reservation schedule valid and fair for all our customers.

  • How old do I have to be to rent a campervan and are there any license requirements?

    Minimum age to drive is 25. You must possess a valid driver’s license and pass a simple DMV check. International drivers are welcome with a valid passport, driver’s license from your country and an International Driver’s Permit (available online) if your native license is not in English.

  • What is the minimum number of nights I can rent?

    We have a 4-night minimum during normal times. Holiday periods (Thanksgiving week, weeks surrounding Christmas & New Years, Presidents Weekend, Memorial day, 4th of July and Labor Day) require a 5-night minimum to pre-reserve. In the peak summer months we will offer shorter (3 night) reservations closer to the time period within the season if there are any openings.  Please call us for short stay pricing options.

  • How many miles are included with the rental and what are the cost for extra miles?

    We include unlimited miles with all of our campervan rentals.

  • Can I tow or use the hitch?

    Towing is not allowed with any of our campervans.  If the renter plans on using any hitch mounted rack with the campervan, the renter must contact us prior to picking up the campervan to make arrangements and have the hitch lock removed. Renter must bring their hitch-mounted rack with them or rent a hitch mounted rack from us or hitch lock will not be removed.

  • What is the Prep, Clean and Starter Package fee?

    All campervan rentals come with a mandatory Prep, Clean and Starter Package. This packaged fee gives you the RV exceptionally clean and sanitized and a starter supply set (enough for 5 nights of travel). See supply list question for details in the “Before” section of this FAQ. The fee also covers your propane use up to the supplied amount in the tank. The Propane tank will be at least 50% full for your trip. You do not need to refill the propane tank upon return. It also covers basic cleaning upon return. See the “After” section of this FAQ for more details on your cleaning requirements for return.

  • Can I bring my pet?

    One dog under 55lbs is allowed in our campervans. There is a $10 pet fee/day. Only one pet is allowed. If your rental is returned with damage, stains, odors or excessive hair due to pets, additional charges may apply. Basically we ask that the pet be invisible upon return for both sight and smell. Many of our customers have allergic reactions to pets and we need to accommodate them as well as our pet friendly customers. We charge $95 cleaning fees with a one hour minimum per occurrence if needed. A $200 fee will be added if the Pet was not disclosed. Any excess fees will be deducted from security/damage deposit.

  • Do the campervans have TV/DVD’s?

    All our Hymer campervans come with TVs and DVD Players. Please see the vehicle description for exact details or contact us for the specifics of the vehicle your are interested in reserving. 

  • Where can I read all the "fine print"?

    Your final contract will have a copy of the full Terms and Conditions of your rental. You can also view here on the FAQ under Rental Terms Section. Your confirmation email will also have the complete Terms available for you to download. Please reach out to us if you have any question regarding your rental or details in the contract. We are here to help.

Before Your Trip

  • What supplies come with the campervan?

    The listed nightly price is for the campervan to come “bare bones” that is without bedding, towels, kitchen or camp supplies. We can supply and rent just about anything you may need. See Camping/RV Equipment Rentals question for information on available supplies. We do a great job at outfitting for trips and can fully outfit your needs for a great camping vacation. The Campervan does come with a package of Campervan necessities.

    See the full list of supplies here: Hymer Aktiv, Volkswagen Westfalia

  • Do you offer camping equipment rentals?

    Yes we do. One of our specialties is outfitting trips. We can set your campervan up with everything you will need for your campervan vacation from campervan kitchen and bedding supplies to outdoor camp needs from BBQs, outdoor cookers, lanterns, and tents! You can select an easy grouped package or select individual items to suit your needs. It’s an easy way to travel completely hassle free – just show up with food and clothes and the rest is set. Just return all items, leave them in the campervan and walk away. No need to unpack and unload at home after a long drive home! Kitchen & cooking supplies must be returned clean to avoid additional sanitation fee. During your online reservation process, you will have an opportunity to add the supplies you want. Click here to see a full list and description.

  • Where can I find specific details of my campervan like how much fresh water can it hold?

    The Features/Amenities section of each campervan’s individual detail page will have all the specifics of the RV including tank sizes and other features such as microwave and gas ovens, outdoors showers, etc.

  • Are there restrictions on where I can go?

    Yes. You can drive on any paved road but you cannot drive on any unpaved roads. No compensation on any items will be given if traveling to on unpaved roads and items malfunction. You are 100% responsible for conditional and locale issues. See Terms for complete details.

  • Can I take the campervan to Haleakala?

    Yes. Driving to Haleakala is highly recommended. It’s a bit crowded up there for the sunrise and you need to make a reservation in advance but the views from the top of Haleakala are breathtaking. Sunsets are just as nice and are less crowded. Just remember to keep the transmission in 3rd gear going up and coming down so you do not stress the campervan’s brakes too much.

  • Where can I find Campsites?

    Click here to go to the campsites section of our webpage. Please let us know if you would like help in this area and we will personally send you some website links and ideas. We have lots of experience in Hawaii camping so don’t be shy to ask.

  • Do you offer 24/7 Roadside Assistance and what's included and covered?

    Yes we offer 24/7 Roadside Assistance through the Coachnet for $15/night of booking. It’s more than just a 24/7 available tech person but also provides a nationwide service for your tires, campsite reservations and more. Here’s the link, which outlines the benefits in more details.

During Your Trip

  • What if we have a question while out on the road?

    First look up if there is a solution or how-to in the Renter’s Guidebook provided in each campervan. If you have internet refer back to our instructional videos here on the website or our Help Articles in our Blog & Info section of the website. If you cannot find your answer and still need some help, follow the troubleshooting contact guide given to you at departure. The troubleshooting guide will outline calling/texting procedures so we can be efficient and get your question answered as quickly as possible. Be sure to call or text the number given to you for faster service. If your are trying to resolve an issue or get a questioned answered and it is after hours and your purchased 24/7 Roadside Assistance Plan, please call the Coach-Net Roadside Assistance number given to you at departure as well as emailed.

  • What if I don’t purchase the 24/7 Roadside Assistance Plan and yet still need help to change a tire or other roadside situation?

    We are still here to help and provide great service but we do sleep and are mostly available during business hours. If you need roadside assistance, please call/text the number given to you at departure and we would be happy to help out to get you back on the road ASAP. If you did not purchase the 24/7 Roadside Assistance plan, you are 100% responsible for roadside tire issues and the cost associate with the mobile service company to replace/change the tire. Please see Terms and Conditions for full financial responsibility disclosure of the RV while in your care.

  • What if I get into an accident or damage the campervan (inside or out)?

    Your safety is our #1 priority. Call 911 if anyone is hurt and pull off to side of the road as soon as possible and only if it is safe to do so. Once you are in a safe place, document the accident or damage by taking pictures and filing out the accident/damage form attached to your insurance binder if you provided insurance or the accident/damage form attached to your insurance card if you purchased insurance through us. Call us immediately to notify us of damages and then please send pictures. If campervan is safe to drive and operate, you can continue on with your trip and we will take care of things when you return. It is your responsibility to determine what is safe and what is not when you are out on the road. Please fully read the Terms & Conditions section on Damages for all details including fees, charges, deductibles and your responsibility.

After Your Trip

  • Do we have to clean the campervan upon return?

    Yes. We ask that you clean the campervan in the same visual condition in which you received it on the inside. Our simple rule is if you brought any dirt into the campervan, remove it. If you spilled anything, pick it up. You must remove all trash, food, ice and personal belongs. Please use the supplied broom and cleaners to broom sweep all excess dirt and wipe down all sinks, counters and the refrigerator. Excess dust and dirt will require additional cleaning and extra cleaning fees may apply. Cleaning fees start at one hour rate of $95.

  • Do you charge for dumping the gray and black tanks when I return?

    Yes. You are required to completely empty both gray and black tanks before retuning to our facility, or you can opt for us to do it for you for a fee. If not prepaid, and tanks are not completely emptied, a $125 dump and sanitation fee will be deducted from security/damage deposit.

  • How long will it take to get back my Security Deposit?

    At most 7 days from your return but in most cases about 2-3 business days for us to reconcile any added costs and to fully inspect the vehicle. Your mileage numbers are compiled from the pictures/videos taken at your departure and upon your return which you will have emailed copies. If any extra charges are due you will get a complete a detailed invoice. If you ever have any questions on your billing or any charges, please call us to discuss. We want you to feel informed with a complete understanding of all charges.

  • How do I know if I damaged something or was it already that way?

    During your departure walk through, you will notice us taking a detailed video and pictures of the campervan both inside and out. The images include pictures of all existing damages and blemishes to your campervan as well as a picture of the dashboard showing out bound mileage and fuel level. The same will happen when you return the campervan. We use a court legal 3rd party service app to record the campervan s condition. They will email a complete record with all images and videos to you for your personal records. If you are unsure of a scratch or damage, just refer to the outbound video and you will be able to tell if it was there or not upon departure. Our clients find this 3rd party service record a welcome basis of trust and eliminates any ambiguity. We prefer to be as transparent as possible for you comfort and peace of mind.