6 Must-See Attractions on Maui

07 Oct 2022

If Maui is not already on your bucket list, it needs to be. There are many attractions to see here, ranging from beautiful landscapes to stunning beaches. Here are just a few stops to consider.

1. Hana Highway

The first attraction is not actually a destination at all but a journey to consider including in your itinerary: the scenic Hana Highway. It has everything that makes Maui special in a single route — green cliffs, waterfalls, and beaches with sands in a multitude of colors.

2. Waimoku Falls 

Speaking of waterfalls, although there are numerous ones you could see in Maui, a top choice has to be Waimoku Falls. This magnificent natural wonder is part of the Pools of ‘O’heo, also known as the Seven Sacred Pools. To reach it, you’ll need to hike the Pipiwai Trail. It will take you at least 2.5 hours to complete the roundtrip — longer if you stop regularly to take in the scenery. As a bonus, halfway up you’ll see Makahiku Falls, which is 185 foot high. However, this is dwarfed by the main attraction: Waimoku Falls is a 400-foot sheer drop, making it one of the tallest waterfalls on the island.

3. La Perouse Bay

Likely created by the eruption of Haleakala in 1790, La Perouse Bay features rock made from lava, which juts out into the water. It’s a great place to visit if you’re hoping to see dolphins, and it’s a popular coastline hike that ends at a good snorkel spot for experienced snorkelers, if conditions allow.

4. Waianapanapa State Park

Another spot with rocks made from lava is Waianapanapa State Park. It’s worth stopping here and taking a hike, but keep in mind that you’ll need to book your reservation in advance online. You’ll see caves and tubes made from lava rock and pass through thick, green foliage. However, it’s the beach with black sand that’s most impressive.

5. Lahaina Town

As well as nature, make sure you experience some of the Maui culture. The historic Lahaina Town is a unique place, packed with restaurants, T-shirt shops, and art galleries. The highlight, though, has to be the town’s massive banyan tree, which is the oldest one on the island.

6. Haleakala National Park

Here you’ll find the dormant Haleakala Volcano, along with the Leleiwi and Kalahaku overlooks boasting exquisite views of the West Maui Mountains. Catch the sunrise from the park for a breathtaking view that will rival any postcard. You can book a reservation for the sunrise, but can purchase entry at the gate to visit the park during normal park hours.

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