What Is a Campervan?

07 Oct 2022

One of the most popular types of recreational vehicle for short trips is a campervan. You may see this vehicle called by several names, including camper van, camper, and motor caravan. All are the same thing: vehicles that can drive on virtually any roads that are suitable for cars and that have a living space where often a couple people or more can sleep. Let’s take a closer look at this means of transport and accommodation rolled into one.

Campervan vs Motorhome vs Caravan

The term “motorhome” encompasses all Class A to Class C vehicles. As a Class B vehicle, the campervan is the smallest type of motorhome — confusingly, Class A and Class C are both larger. However, when most people talk about motorhomes, they’re referring to a larger recreational vehicle rather than a campervan.

A caravan is a completely different type of vehicle — it’s a mobile home towed by another vehicle. Many people find this setup less convenient than a campervan because it involves unhitching at campgrounds, whereas with a campervan you just park and are ready to go.

Amenities in a Campervan

Although they’re compact, campervans are often packed with great amenities. What exactly you’ll find depends on the model, although all have space to sleep — usually, the beds fold away to free up space during the day. There’s also some storage where you can keep your belongings for the trip and sometimes a roof rack for larger items.
Some campervans also feature a kitchen with appliances like a mini fridge and dual gas burner. A small table may fold out to create a dining area. Finally, you may have a bathroom consisting of a toilet that holds wastewater and perhaps an indoor shower — other campervans have an outdoor shower instead. Campervans are highly varied, meaning you can usually find one with all the features you need. 

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