What Makes Maui the Perfect Place for Van Life?

09 Nov 2022

Van life allows you to travel on a tight budget, sleep in a different location every night, and have all the things you need for a great trip nearby wherever you go. There are certain places that are better for van life than others — and Maui is particularly perfect for a few reasons.

1. Ideal Climate

Van life is best in a warm climate — and it’s never cold in Maui. The temperature is ideal for sleeping under the stars (although you can also sleep comfortably in your van), taking a dip in the ocean, and enjoying a variety of outdoor activities.

2. Plenty of Options for Camping Spots

You’re spoiled for choice when deciding where to camp in Maui. Along the coast where you can watch the sunrise or sunset has to be a top choice, but there are campsites all over the island, including drive-in campgrounds.

3. No Dangerous Wildlife

There’s no need to worry about wildlife when you’re camping in Maui. The island lacks big mammals, spiders, and even venomous snakes.

4. Decent Roads

You can travel all around Maui in a regular camper van. If you want to go more off the beaten track, though, simply opt for a Jeep with four-wheel drive.

5. It’s Inexpensive in a Van

To explore Maui, a car is essential. Plus, since hotels tend to be expensive, the cost for your trip can really add up. However, if you travel in a camper van, you solve the problem of transport and accommodation in one for a fraction of the cost. Then, you’ll have more available in your budget for fun activities, food, and entertainment.

6. Great Introduction to Van Life

If you’ve never tried van life before, heading to Maui is a good way to start. You’ll see how van life pushes you to do more during your vacation. For instance, you’ll be spending entire days outdoors and appreciating what’s around you. Most likely, you’ll also cover far more ground. Overall, you’ll find that you experience so much more than if you stayed in a hotel with a pool and restaurants on site.

There’s no need to own a camper to experience van life, you can always rent a van. Campervan Hawaii provides Maui camper van services to suit all requirements and budgets. Check out our vans to find the size, amenities, and storage capacity you need for a trip of a lifetime.